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Persecution in the workplace

Should you feel you are being persecuted at your workplace for your Faith in Christianity, then Andrea Williams & her legal team are the people to fight your cause.
It is wonderful to see someone so dynamic in her work, always on the go to defend the cause.
She has had many victories & with your support will continue to do so, please sign up to her news letters & keep on top of current situations.

Joining Andrea on an Anti Abortion Rally.

Up until joining my local Church seven years ago, I would never have considered joining in a demonstration anywhere, let alone bothering going up to London, but the Anti Abortion Laws that were going through Parliament at the time seemed to hit a nerve.

I spoke to our Church secretary Anna & asked if she would be willing to join me on a march, I had heard her talking to some of the other Church members, so Knew it was of some interest to her.

We arrived at Victoria Station,  not quite sure in which direction to go, I said to Anna, what we could do with is a map, no word of a lie, as the word map left my mouth a women standing next to us just placed this map in my hand, the look on Anna's face was a picture, God was obviously on the case & provided.
Thank you Father I said to myself.

We studied the map & worked out our route to Westminster Chapel, on arriving in the square we could see a crowd beginning to gather, several representatives from local Churches were giving out wooden crosses & banners to carry on the march.

I am just going to revert back to being a Christian for a minute & try & explain some of the difficulties you might face on joining these events.
Although you are in a physical world where people may not like what you are doing & make every effort to stop you, or break up your group, you are also connected to a spiritual world that equally will attempt to do the same. So preparing yourself with Prayer & asking for protection before you leave home is important.

The above reflects on what I am about to tell you, as we stood in the square surrounded by tall buildings, we both felt this uneasy presence starting to drift over the crowd, not so much visible but definatly some form of darkness, the sky started to cloud over blocking out the sun,  it went very dark & cold. I started to Pray to myself & asked for the people to be protected & all demonic presences to be driven away, within seconds a wind started to circle around the crowd, very slight but noticeable, then all of a sudden the wind just lifted upwards like a small tornado lifting all the darkness with it, the clouds then parted & the Sun shone again, this is yet another testimony that God does exist.

Now on to the march, armed with our banners & crosses we set off around the City to show our solidarity against these proposed laws going through Parliament.
Hymns were being played as we slowly walked, there were about 200 Christians present, it was a peaceful protest in every way.
There was talk before we left that there would be anti demonstrators on route to upset our march, thankfully God had placed them else where & we were free to make our point without disturbance.

After about an hour or so we arrived on Westminster Bridge & stood looking out over the Thames.
In single file we all stopped at the meeting point where we were given a Rose, a Name of a child was called out, a Bell rung & we cast the rose into the river to remember the poor soul who had lost their Life through no fault of their own.
It was a moving ceremony & a reminder that we are here to protect the unborn in any way we can.

My plea to you today , if you see a march or protest that is close to your Heart & you feel you can join, do not hesitate, just go, it is so rewarding to be part of something that by numbers we will be heard & changes can be made for the better of Mankind.

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