Crime, Without Doing Time, Get Saved

If you have come to a place in your Life where you have got into Drugs, Alcohol & criminal activities & are going no where but down, STOP now &  shout out to God & ask for some help, you are more than likely to say what a load of rubbish, well believe me if you are sincere in your asking & really want to get back on track, then He will hear you. Dont just take it from me,  check out the site below, the guys on here ain't just mean, they were seriously dangerous & by some small miracle they found Jesus & their lives have changed for the better. Talk to them because they have been where you are now,  they know where your at & can relate to you. Dont waste your time in Prison, spend it with God.


Transformed - Jesus Changes Lives

Thank you for taking the time to visit.

We have a fair few testimonies of people who've spent time on the wrong side of the law, or the world; and have tested and found true the promises of new life in a carpenter who lived and died and lived two millenium ago, that is, the one and only Jesus Christ.

The reason and aim we've done this is that you might draw hope for yourself, and come to know the same man at work in your life as your unconditional friend, higher power and brother born for trouble.

For The Church Of Jesus Christ

We are seeking to serve you also, and have made available all the testimonies Feel free to link to us, send the videos to your friends who might benefit etc etc. If you want us to upload a particular video in HD for you to download/burn to DVD please contact us.

Transformed: Frank Brookes, dealer now a Brixton pastor

Another former drug dealer now a pastor. You know the score, dealing out words of eternal life now. See Christ at work in the world today, keepin' it real.

Steve Rawlins - Working Out ex-crack dealer helping offenders

Crack dealer turns to Christ, and gets inmates back on the straight and narrow as well as to Christ if he can. Bang into the occult, now the Light of the world is his greater power.

X abuse, heroin & crack, thief & prostitute made new in Christ

Yeah, there is no limit to our Jesus. He transforms everybody and anybody. Our sister Mandy we've been waiting a while to get up online. She works in Holloway prison right now, where she served many years as an inmate... Peace brethren, draw hope, know that God is real and powerful. Christian testimony to the glory of Jesus.

Thomas Seidler, ex Eton College drug dealer

Busted for drug dealing at Eton College in 1995, met in the gutter by Jesus Christ in '96, been living for Christ with ups and downs ever since.

From gangster dreams to Spanish jails & Christ

A child with dreams of being a gangster, found one day he'd fulfilled them. For a long while they kept him busy, but coming to like the prison you're in and seeing acquaintances doing life, the dream had lost its charm…

Rasta on the run: deepening darkness as crack swallows a rastaman...

Born in Brixton, at 17 he became a rasta, had 6 kids by 5 mothers, and weed set him on a drug path. Crack had running from New York, Brixton and Bristol over many years. Via a near-deadly beating over 1oz weed, Noel became a Christian on the phone with his sister in hospital. Life has never been the same for him since. Prejudice overcome by a white man housing him. Work, promotion, wife, the expectation of a child - God has sent so many good gifts. Noel would stake his life that what Jesus did for him, he can do for you.

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