Global Day of Prayer 2008. 

Time for a revival in 2020 

In 2008 I volunteered as a helper at The Millwall Football Stadium for GDOP, it was a beautiful day & the sun was shining.

 As I entered into the stadium you could just breath in the atmosphere, the bands were practising & the sound was amazing, people were milling about getting every thing in place, we were briefed on our duties & made our way in groups to the designated locations to greet people as they arrived, each group joined together & Prayed for the day to be Blessed.

The gates were opened & it was not long before the place began to Buzz, it was like electric, everyone was smiling, chatting to strangers they had never met & soaking up the togetherness. Every thing about the day just gelled, one of my favourite parts was when The Psalm Drummers performed with 40 Drummers, wow was that something as the sound echoed around the arena, awesome. 

A Chance meeting. I was sitting on the top step at the back of the stadium just absorbing the day when this man sat down beside me & calmly told me he had found Jesus in his Life & since then his whole life had taken on a new meaning. 

He was a a great guy, bald headed & tattooed, concealed in his plastic milk bottle was a couple of pints of beer, not totally saved but on the right track . 

He then went on to tell me he had hung around with a group of triads & bad people dealing in drugs & all sorts of criminal activities, he then met this group of Christians & since joining, not only him but a lot of the bad guys he hung around with had joined & were now working with other criminals to help them out of their awful situations.

This encounter with this man just highlights the fact that we are not here to judge people by what we see but encourage them in the ways of our Lord. We shook hands & he drifted off towards the front singing & waving his arms in time with the music, obviously enjoying his day. 


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