Horsham Charity Center

 Tanfield Garage, Guildford Rd, Horsham, West Sussex RH12 1TR    Tel: 01403 217381

Horsham Matters Ltd was devised by twenty nine Horsham Christian Churches who have united together to help the local Community.

It is run by volunteers, should you be in the position where you have some spare time, please contact the center to offer your services.

If you have any house hold item that is still in good order yet of no use to yourself.

Don't take it down your local tip, drop it off at Horsham Charity Center where it will be either sold or passed on to someone who may not have the finances to purchase such an item.

If you have any large peices of furniture to donate, just call the center & they will arrange to collect them, please do not waste  peoples time with items that are no longer in good order as they will not be removed from your premises if unsuitable to be redistributed.

White goods, i.e Televisions , Microwaves etc in good working order are tested & can also be passed on to people that need them.

Many of the quality items donated are sold at a slightly higher price to enable the Charity to pay towards the running costs.

Even if you have nothing to offer, pop in & say high to all the staff, take a look around, you may even find an item that you might like to buy, thus helping the cause.

This has been a great success so far & may it long continue to help those in need.


I would also like to point out that most of the goods you are beginning to donate are not ending up in our landfill sites & for once are being put to good use.

Thank you for your support.


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