My first trip to Israel was with Christian Friends of Israel,  Eastbourne Branch.
The couple who led the tour were Rod & Penny Valentine. 

My Story.

At the end of the ten day tour we were taken to Ben Gurion Airport for our return flight home.

I walked into the main foyer where there was a water feature that was about 15ft wide, that had rocks surrounding it & a low level chain, above in the ceiling was an identical sized circle of glass showing the sky.

Most of my group had gone off shopping, I stayed with Rod & Penny Valentine,our guides who had sat down for a coffee at one of the two seated tables, I looked around and there was another table with only one lady sitting , I do not remember her name, but she was part of our group, I sat down & started chatting about our wonderful trip.

In my hand I had a map of Israel which was rolled up & about three feet in length,  I was given this by the people who witnessed my Baptism at the Sea of Galilee.

As I am sitting there in the foyer our conversation stopped and we went into silence, there was probably 100 people in our presence, it is quite a big complex.

My heart started to pulsate like it was being stroked with a feather, fluttering is the only word that comes to mind, like a birds wing. Gentle & Peaceful.

I then heard this voice, loud & clear." Peter, walk on the water "
The place is packed, I was unsure what to do.
Again I heard this command, "Peter, walk on the water", again I doubted the voice.

As I looked at this circled pool in the foyer, water started falling from the ceiling into the pool below.
This next bit is hard to describe, I stood up & just looked at the pool & the water falling from above, then I felt my heart push through my chest & was now pulsating on the outside of my body, there are pictures that identify what I am relaying to you.

I just felt the presence of my Heavenly Father, I stood up walked to the pool & thought I was able to walk across the water, stepped forward, Splash, up to my knees.

I walked to the other side feeling so embarrassed, & felt I had failed God because I had sunk to the bottom of the pool. 

Even to this day I do not understand what the message was.

On reflection, God did say to me, "If you really do believe", I am here for you.


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