Follow in The Footsteps of Jesus Tour January 19th, 2010


In  November 2010 on My Birthday the 22nd, I flew out to Israel with Premier Christian Radio on their,  " Follow in the Footsteps of Jesus Tour ".

The tour consisted of 350 Fellow Christians who were there to take in the majestic scenery & listen to The Bible come alive as they toured through the legendry Holy Land.

One of the main highlights was when the whole group set off in four ancient ships onto the Sea of Galilee with blazing sunshine to accompany us, when we reached the middle of the sea the engines of all four boats were turned off & all of the vessels were moored together, just drifting in harmony in this peaceful setting.

Premier Leaders led worship & Prayer, accompanying the singing with guitars & keyboard.

As everyone started to sing, the feeling of togetherness was just amazing & I have no doubt many felt the presence of  The Holy Spirit, I know I certainly did.

This was the start of an amazing journey.


I have a couple of things that stood out on this tour & would like to share them with you.

 The first incident was our journey from Benguion Airport to Nazareth, we were late leaving the airport due to a late landing & not being able to account for all the people travelling on The Yellow Bus, there were seven Buses all with different colours to identify our groups, eventually we left, could have been around 11.0 pm not really sure, anyway after about an hour we drove into Jerusalem City.

 As we approached a set of traffic lights on a major T Junction adjacent to The Main Jaffa Gate of The Old City, the Hooter started sounding on the bus & no matter what the driver did he could not silence it .

You may not know but in Israel every driver is hooter mad, so all the other vehicles around us started flashing their lights & joined in. sounding their horns.

The noise was incredible & as I stood on the pavement watching everyone trying to help the driver silence this horn, I just felt God had decided that 350 Christian disciples have arrived in Jerusalem & everyone should know about it. Praise God.


The Wailing Wall, In 2007


In 2007 on a previous trip to Israel I went to the City to Pray at the wall, I always wear my gold Cross & chain outside my clothes to help other Christians identify that I am a Christian & give an opening for conversation.

On this occasion I was walking down to the wall with my Cross exposed over my shirt when a man came towards me & clasped my Cross in his hand & told me to put it away, I gripped his hand a asked why, before he could answer two armed guards came towards me, at this point I decided getting shot was not going to help the cause so I placed the cross back under my clothing, the old gentleman placed a scull cap on my head & allowed me to proceed, I thanked him for his kindness & understood he was not to blame for his actions.


The Wailing Wall, In 2009


Now returning to the Premier trip, one of our excursions was to visit the Wailing Wall  I sat & pondered over my last visit & decided that, I am a Christian & no one has the right to stop me displaying a cross & Praying at the Wall.

We arrived at the City & as I stood facing the wall I just felt compelled to stand my ground & stand up for the Faith I believe in.


I focused on the wall, checked that no one from my group was present, as I did not want to involve anyone else, took a deep breath & briskly walked to the Wall, no cap worn & Cross displayed openly, to my amazement no one challenged me as I walked through the crowd & what seemed like ages I placed my hands on the Wall.


I then started to Pray for Peace between Israel & Palestine & all Nations, when suddenly I felt this feeling start to flow up my arms through my body & down to my feet, I can only describe it as The Water of Life, it was an incredible experience, just Peace & Love.

I stood for about five minutes just absorbing this incredible feeling, I gave thanks to Our Father for allowing me the privilege, turned & walked back through the crowd to join my group, words really cannot describe what happened.


Over the years I have visited many countries & experienced many Spiritual unexplained things that have happened in my Life. One would just say, that was a coincidence, I no longer believe in coincidence, God shows us many things in Life, but often we are blind to them & do not see them.


Only since my return have I come to the decision to share these experiences with you.

Rest assured, if it was not for our Heavenly Father protecting me over the years I would not be here now.

He does exist & if you draw closer to Him you will learn to know He is a Faithful & Loving Father. 




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