Mandate 2012, November 10th, Scroll down for details.

Mandate is exactly what it states, " A Date for Men "  a place for men to join in Prayer & Worship together united as one.

This was my third visit to Belfast, although it is only on for one day, members from my Church make a weekend out of the event.

We all meet up at Gatwick Airport , app 16 of us to share supper together, then catch the flight to Belfast to arrive about 9.30pm on the Friday night , then a short trip to our Guest House with a local  taxi company driven by a good friend called Fergus.

Once installed in the guest house we settle down for the night, laying in wait for the rush to a full English breakfast in the morning, first four down served, then we wait in turn to help the staff out as they prefer to cook in multiples of four so no one is disappointed with their meal, what a great start to the day & the food is brilliant.

I will now share something that I feel is worth sharing about our trip.

My Testimony

I came down for breakfast on the Saturday morning, about 5 members from the group were already seated for breakfast , no other guests apart from my group were staying in the guest house at this time.

I sat at the front table with setting's laid for two people, this was next to the large bay window looking out onto the street, within ten minutes of me sitting down my friend Peter joined me at the table.

I ordered my breakfast , the guys around me started chatting about the night & how they had slept, then a friend from one of the other Churches who had joined us pointed to the front window.

I turned my head & there in the window was a finger drawn picture of a Heart in the steamed up window.

I must add that I and several of the others had been looking out of the front window & had not seen any fingerprints on the glass.

We had a look at it then dismissed it, perhaps a previous guest may have written in the window , coincidence perhaps, who knows .

Breakfast over, time to get the minibus to The Water Front for the days events, on arriving we see many Christian men waiting to enter the venue, the atmosphere already is amazing.

We are now enjoying the day, it got to lunchtime & we were all having such a brilliant time, the speakers & everything so far was God filled , just amazing , so Powerful.

One of the options for the afternoon was to watch a film called " The Kings Speech "  not sure why I went but felt drawn.

The auditorium was packed, please take a look at the link at the below, Great film.  

After watching, I felt perhaps there are many people out there that would like to share but for some reason or another cannot speak out , if you watch the film & it relates to you, talk to your friend's & get some help, you can speak out & will be heard.  

Well the event finished later than anticipated with some amazing songs, we left as quick as we could as we knew Fergus would be waiting close by, He was , as always .

On route back we all stopped off for a fish & chip supper close to our guest house, short walk home & off to bed.

Sunday morning arrived & we started gathering for breakfast in the same room as the day before but no pictures visible in the bay window, perhaps it was just a coincidence.

We all finished breakfast & went off to pack our bags as we were due to stop off at a local Church for the Sunday service before flying home.

We started to meet in the lounge adjacent to the breakfast room, chatting as usual about the events of Saturday & looking out of the front bay window, when once again the window started to steam up before our  eyes & in the centre of the window was a finger print drawing of The Star of David.


Please take a look at the Mandate site below to see if perhaps you might like to join us in 2012.  you have to be quick to get a ticket as numbers have grown every year.

Missional Prayer
10 NOVEMBER 2012
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